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Multiple Rootstock Technology
     The root system is the basic foundation of plants. It consists of a primary root used for anchorage and lateral roots with hairs that absorb water and nutrients; and oxygen for respiration.
     Plant's growth depends solely on root development, which normally takes years before attaining productive or fruiting stage. This growth phenomenon is generally observed throughout the world especially in temperate countries that have two dormant seasons, autumn and winter.
When the roots are injured or diseased, there will be no growth. As the roots grow, corresponding growth shall also be observed on the upper portion of the plant. Therefore, if a plant has more developed root system, its growth will be accelerated, thus, enhance physiological maturity and early fruiting.
     Multiple rootstock or multi-root system is the growing of plants with two or more rootstocks. Fruit exporting countries like Taiwan, Thailand and Australia are practicing this technique.
Advantages of Multiple Rootstock Technology
     1. Growth and development is accelerated or double in comparison with single rootstock. Just as a man could travel faster with two feet than one foot, a plant could grow faster with double root systems.
     2. The tree becomes more prolific since it overcomes the biennial (alternate) fruiting habit. Remember that plants like mango produces heavy fruiting only after every other year and if forced to bear fruits by applying KNO3, the tree will have a short life span as proven by what happen in Cebu, Zambales, Nueva Ecija and Pangasinan.
     3. The tree will have more root system that is essential to absorb the nutrients (fertilizer) applied, thus minimizing fertilizer losses due to evaporation and leaching.
     4. The tree will also have better root anchorage that enables the trees to resist strong winds and other adverse conditions.

     5. The gestation period (fruiting) of young trees is shortened by one half of the normal waiting time. Physiological maturity is also enhanced. A fiver-year-old triple rootstock is equivalent to 8-10 year-old fruit tree that bears commercial fruits.
     6. The tree will yield early, therefore producing off-season quality fruits which command higher price. The tree becomes non-seasonal due to its reinforced nature.

     7. Plants shall have lesser mortality in the field and have more uniform growth.

     8. Faster propagation or reproduction of the desired variety can be achieved.

     9. Production or yield can be enhanced by up to 300%.

     10. Plant's life span become longer which prolongs and enhances productivity.

     11. Imported varieties of seedlings like jackfruits and guapple will become resistant to Phytophthora when double rootstocked with the native variety. It has been observed that latexless jackfruit, guapple and other imported varieties grown from seeds died of phytophthora after 4-6 years.

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