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If you are in a hurry to have orchards that should be productive as early as possible, there are now available large planting materials that will fruit immediately upon planting.
     1. Dig one cubic meter (1 x 1 x 1 meter) or double the size of plastic drum.
     2. If the soil is heavy clay, add two sacks rice hull or sand and one sack decomposed carabao or horse manure to make the soil porous and fertile.

     3. Apply 300 grams 14-14-14 fertilizer with micro-element as basal fertilizer. This will influence deep root penetration for better anchorage and absorption of soil moisture during drought period and early fruiting.

     4. Thoroughly mix top soil, rice hull and decomposed manure.

     5. Fill the planting hole up to 3/4 of the mixture.

     6. Position the full grown tree at the middle of the hole before slicing the plastic drum.

     7. Remove first the bottom plastic of the plastic drum by slicing the plastic while the plant is in horizontal (lying) position.

     8. Finally, position the tree at the planting hole and fill with soil mixture. Slice the plastic side and remove entirely the plastic by pulling upward.

     9. Press lightly the side and cover the entire plant base to have elevated mound at least 1/2 to 1 foot above the ground. For flat land, construct drainage canal or plant in mound.

     10. Water immediately up to saturation point. Cover all roots exposed after watering with soil mixture.

     11. Water regularly. This is the common mistake of those who plant fully grown fruit trees. In the nursery, this big tree is given 2 gallons water daily. The whole plastic drum is fully filled with roots and evapo-transpiration is very fast even when weather is cloudy. It is a must to water the big trees especially rambutan more than two gallons a day, watering may be done every other day at the rate of 5 gallons or more. Make a catch-basin by making small dike around the base to avoid water losses through run-off. During heavy continuous rains make opening of the catch-basin to remove excess water.

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