Day 1 - Flower Induction
     Use higher concentration of KNO3 nitrate (2-3%) on young trees and even on old trees during cold months. During dry season, use lower dosage (1-2%). For 1% solution, 1 kg of KNO3 is needed to 100 liters of water. Stir the KNO3 thoroughly.
     Spray, the whole canopy including the top portion of the tree. All terminal buds should be thoroughly sprayed or wet with the KNO3 solution in order to induce flowering. Unsprayed bud will not flower or flush.
     Note: If you want to have 2-3 sets of fruiting in one tree, spray only the portion of the tree where you want to have fruits. You can schedule the other parts after a few weeks so you will have continuous supply of fruits.
Day 7 - 25 - Flower Emergence to full bloom
     Pest and disease control is very important on this stage, if left uncontrolled will wipe out all the flower and fruits.
     Under humid environment, anthracnose disease is prevalent; pests on the other hand, are a lesser problem. To control anthracnose, use systemic fungicide and to control mango hopper and tip/twig borer, use insecticide.
     During dry season, diseases are lesser problems thus ordinary fungicide can be used. Pests, on the other hand, will be the major problem so learn to check the presence of insects and use appropriate insecticide.
     Use also foliar fertilizer and growth enhancer, every 7-10 days interval.
Day 25 - 35 - Full Bloom
     This is the time pollination takes place through the help of bees. During this stage, do not spray insecticides or fungicides so that the bees will not be killed.
Day 36 - 50 - Fruit Setting
     Insects like mango hoppers, tip/twig borers and other harmful insects should be controlled by spraying with appropriate insecticide at 7-10 days interval.
     Anthracnose and scabs attack the fruits which need to be sprayed with fungicide at 7-10 days interval.
Day 51 - 110 Fruit Development - Maturity Stage
     Learn the presence of diseases such as scab, sooty mold and insects like twig borer, fruit fly, mango pulp weevil, capsid bug and mango seed borer - Spray with appropriate chemicals when needed. Stop spraying  30 days before ripening to avoid toxic residues on the fruits.
     Wrap the fruits when they reach chicken egg size to make them blemish-free. Use paper that can endure the rain.

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