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     When a plant is subjected to adverse conditions like water stress, its response is to reproduce or bear flowers and fruits. This means that in case the plant is subjected to anything that will threaten its life, it will produce fruits to replenish its species.
     Fruit trees that respond favorably to water stress are lanzones, rambutan, pummelo and other citrus varieties.
Procedure in Water Stressing the Plant
     1. Be sure that the plants are well nourished before subjecting to water stress. 2-3 months before water stressing, apply complete fertilizer with trace elements. A tree with no food reserve will not flower and instead produce shoots.
     2. During the rainy seasons, cover the whole root zone with plastic so that the rainwater will not go to the roots. Construct a drainage canal around the tree or plant in a mound so that the rainwater will be diverted and the root zone will deprived of soil moisture. When soil moisture is lost through evapotranspiration, and when the wilting point is reached, the tree will now suffer from water stress.
     3. a. When to remove the plastic cover and water the plant. After several weeks and when there is no more soil moisture around the root hairs the plant will show wilting of the leaves. Observe the wilting for a few days but do not let the green leaves turn yellow. Remove the plastic cover and water the plants up to saturation point.
          b. During the dry season, when plants show wilting of leaves, flooding or generous watering will induce the tree to flower.
     4. Maintain the soil moisture of the root zone by watering it regularly.
     5. After 2-3 weeks, flushes and flower will come out.     

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