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Balanced plant nutrition is another factor to produce high quality sweet fruits. Even the superior varieties of imported fruit needs balanced nutrition to maximize production with quality fruits

Functions of Essential Elements


a. Nitrogen - vegetative growth (roots, shoots, stem and chlorophyll)
b. Phosphorous - root development, branching and tillering.
c. Potassium - induces fruiting; makes fruit sweet, enhance fruit flavor.

a. Calcium - makes fruit sweet and increased fruit development; for uniform maturity of the fruit.
b. Magnesium - component of green chlorophyll which is responsible for photosynthesis.
c. Sulfur - enzyme activator; part of amino acids.
d. Micronutrients - zinc, manganese, iron, copper, molybdenum and boron.
All these micronutrients are essential for growth, chlorophyll formation, hormone production and enhancement of fruit color and flavor.

To maximize mixing of NPK and trace element, there are fertilizer companies which manufacture Triple 14 and ammonium phosphate (16-20-0). These already have trace elements as indicated on their sacks.

Orchard owners are also encouraged to have their soil analyzed by the Bureau of Soils and Water Management laboratory to determine the soil's pH (acidity).

Acidic soil usually does not have enough calcium, potash and trace elements. Shortage of these elements will only make the trees bear fruits with sour or inferior quality fruits.

If the soil is acidic, the author recommends the application of agricultural lime following the recommendation of the soil bureau. Also, regularly apply organic fertilizer to neutralized acidity and maintain the soil environment.

For fruiting during dry season without any irrigation, foliar fertilizer that is high in potassium may be sprayed on the leaves to produce sweet and big fruits.

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