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Planting Wrong Varieties
     Buy your cultivars from reliable sources.
Handling of Seedling
     Careless handling of the seedling from the time of pick-up from the nursery may result in serious injuries to the plant. It is, therefore, necessary to avoid seedling stress by not holding the stem to avoid injury. Hold only the plastic and not the plant itself so it will not be uprooted.
     Do not plant the seedlings immediately. Rather, give the seedlings a week to recover from travel stress. If it was under the shade from the nursery, put the seedlings under similar condition upon reaching your farm. Seedlings that need full sunlight should be trained first before finally planting it on the field, thus exposing it to full sunlight condition. Otherwise, it will be scorched (sunburned) and will result in stunted growth.
Improper Planting Procedure
     With small planting hole the plant cannot grow or expand because of compact soil. Thus, the plants become stunted.
     Non-removal of plastic.
     Too deep planting
Water-logged condition
     Waterlogged condition the oxygen cannot penetrate the soil and this result in the roots rotting. Provide drainage canals to avoid too much water.
Improper Fertilization
     Follow the recommended dosage and NPK requirement. Do not overdose this will lead to acid burning of the roots.
Growing of Side Shoots
Remove side shoots before the point of union of grafted seedlings this will cause the stunted growth of the cultivars.
No fertilization or wrong application of fertilizer.
Waterlogged condition
No watering during dry season or insufficient watering.
Pest and Diseases
Improper location. When plants that need full sunlight are planted in a shaded area or vice-versa.
Improper planting procedure.   

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