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 After spending millions for the land, fence, rest house and other structures, the orchard grower would probably think of buying cheap planting materials because his budget is already exhausted.
The low-priced seedlings will also grow well, especially if they are the native variety. He will have the "shock" of his life, when the fruits turn sour instead of the variety guaranteed by the seller of the seedlings. His orchard dream farm will then become a nightmare. This usually happens when an orchard grower is influenced

and deceived by the sweet sales talk of the sources of cheap but inferior seedlings who are mostly middlemen. No amount of publicity will make an inferior variety produce superior quality fruits
     There are even nurseries with no mother plant fool customers by cutting the seedling and grafting the top of the same plant. The seedlings will then appear as grafted plants and the nursery operator will pass it off as asexually propagated seedlings which command a price higher than seedlings which are not manipulated. If female, the manipulated seedlings will also bear fruits for a long period, as in the case of rambutan and lychee, but expect it to be inferior varieties. There is no outright possibility that it will produce commercial quality fruits, not to mention that it will also grow slowly.
     In buying citrus varieties like pummelo, oranges and calamansi, see to it that the point of union otherwise known as the budding or grafting point, is more than six inches above the base of the rootstock. Low budding point is very susceptible to foot rot disease, the number one killer of citrus in the country.

     Further, the rootstock must be compatible with the scion. Meaning, a pummelo must be grafted only with pummelo seedlings and not the calamandarin rootstock which is two to three times smaller than the first. In case calamandarin is substituted, make sure that the rootstock is double to overcome incompatibility.

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