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     Pruning is the removal of unnecessary branches or leaves that become liability to the plant.
     The primary function of leaves is to manufacture food through the process called photosynthesis. Root hair absorb nutrients and water from the soil then send it to the leaves to 'cook' the raw material with sunlight as its fuel.
     Without sunlight, the leaves cannot manufacture food. Leaves that are not exposed to sunlight become liability to the tree. These leaves also consume the nutrients manufactured by the functional leaves, thereby, reducing the food reserved for fruiting. This will result in low yield.
     Remove all branches with leaves that do not receive sunlight. Without manual pruning, the tree itself will undergo self-pruning and it will take several months and even a year thus still consuming the food reserves.
     To maintain a low crown, the trees can be top-pruned by cutting the vertical branches or shoots up to the desired height depending on the cultural management of the farm or backyard.
     All pruned branches must be closely cut from the origin. The cut portion must be clean-cut by a pruning saw and painted with latex or any other ordinary paint.
     Water sprouts are unnecessary branches that do not bear fruits. These come from the lateral branch inside the crown. These can consume all the food reserve made by the leaves for fruiting. Thus, depriving the tree of its fruit bearing capabilities.

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