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Slow Release Fertilizer
Fertilizer overdose is the number one cause of mortality and stunted growth. Once the roots are injured by acid caused by too much fertilizer, the growth will stop and it will take time before the tree recovers.
To avoid overdose, place 16-20-0, 14-14-14 and urea (or ammonium sulfate) fertilizers in an ice candy plastic. Seal the plastic and make 4 needle holes.

For small trees, fertilizer requirement for 4-6 months period may be placed in 4-6 ice candy plastics. Place the 4-6 fertilizer plastic around the base, 6-10 inches away from the trunk and 4-6 inches deep. For big trees, place the fertilizer requirement in 10-30 plastic bags. The fertilizer should be applied as many as possible around the root zone.

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