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    Chokanan (Chooke Anan) - this is one of the most popular varieties grown in Thailand and Malaysia for local and export market. It is one of the sweetest mangoes in the world and its average weight is 0.5 kilo per fruit. A ripe fruit of this variety is referred to as Mangga Madu or Honey mango because of its almost similar taste of honey. Green-mango fanciers also favor this variety because it does not taste too sour like our Carabao mango. Because of its thick skin, it does not spoil easily and it is resistant to pests and diseases.

     Since 1999, our two-year old and above propagated Chokanan trees bear fruits throughout the year without the aid of flower inducers and even during rainy season.

     The flowers of Chokanan could tolerate adverse weather condition. It could also withstand the attack of pests and diseases that spraying of insecticide and fungicide need not be as intensive as in Carabao mango. Chokanan could be substituted for Carabao mango during rainy or off-season.

The Philippine Star - Agriculture/Evironment  Panorama

Chokanan Thai honey mango shows promise

Editor:  Roman F. Floresca 

    Results of initial planting of chokanan mango show a very promising income-earner for orchard and backyard farmer.

     Five years of observation shows that chokanan mango bears fruits continuously, prolific and heavy fruiting even during rainy season. It has been observed that the hot temperature during summer months of May and June induce profuse flowering of chokanan mango, with the fruits maturing in August and September.

     There is no need to induce flowering by spraying potassium nitrate.

     Chokanan mango is also a fast grower and bears fruit much earlier than carabao mango. It can be planted in big containers that will serve as decorative plants in rooftops or in urban areas with no soil. It will flower after 18 months from planting the double rootstock grafted seedlings

    On the other hand carabao mango takes six years before producing 10 kilos and fruiting season is limited to dry season only. The flowering of carabao mango are easily attacked by anthracnose disease that is prevalent when climate is humid and the fruits crack when it rains. Cost of carabao mango is very high because it needs chemicals to induce flowering up to ripening period. Spraying of fungicide and insecticide, foliar fertilizer is done almost weekly which makes production cost very high for carabao mango production.

     The chokanan mango can tolerate adverse weather conditions that even without spraying insecticide and fungicide the flowers will develop into quality eating green and sweet fruits that taste like honey. It has thick skin so the fruit shelf life is longer than carabao mango and resistant to attack of fruit fly.


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