The sweet orange varieties being grown by Filipino farmers are introduced cultivars. Prominent among these are Navel, Hamlin, Valencia, Pineapple orange.
     The Japanese orange, with small leaves, is a dwarf variety and is ideal for bonsai gardens. It can bear fruits continuously throughout the year. Its fruit is medium size, sweet in taste and contains only a few seeds, sometimes none.

     It is very prolific and can be induced to bear fruit quite easily by simply applying organic and complete fertilizer. It is resistant to pests and diseases 
     Navel orange trees bears big fruits known for their outstanding sweetness and flavor. The top orange variety and the most expensive in the United States, it is the only sweet orange that is easily to peel. It is seedless (zero to six seeds a fruit), and matures early.
     Hamlin orange is well known to Filipinos although we ay not have had an inkling about this. The imported "Sunkist" brand oranges now sold on the sidewalks and markets in our big towns are Hamlin. The tree bears small to medium-sized fruits that are also seedless and early maturing. Although its quality is inferior compared to other sweet oranges, Hamlin's productivity, seedlessness, and early fruiting makes it popular orange in the US, especially in Florida.

     Pineapple orange is the leading mid-season sweetest orange in the US where it was originated. The somewhat flattened fruit is medium to large-size and contains 15 to 25 seeds per fruit. In eating quality, it is better than Hamlin.

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